Monday, September 30, 2013

V1 is out!

Flex Radio put V1 of the Flex 6x00 SmartSDR and firmware up today, so the radio is now available for purchase to non-preview customers and fully supported in its intended initial form.

I have a new date at the weekend to drop the radio around to Adam's place again for some new testing.
It's open season to see just how the 6700 will fare - and this time we'll be publishing the results.

I'm sure the guys at Flex will be trying do get some much needed post-push rest, although the business of commercially supplying and supporting the radio has just started in earnest!

I still haven't heard from Flex Radio regarding the SDK/API.  That's probably because they've been completely swamped in getting V1 out... but I really hope to hear something soon about this!

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