Friday, August 16, 2013

First 6700 testing with Adam Farson coming on Sunday

For my first weekend with the 6700 I've arranged to take it to my good and learned friend Adam Farson VA7OJ for some NPR testing.

Adam has an awesome lab and spends a good deal of his time testing and reviewing transceivers.

While it's only fair to take the results of the "V1" software seriously, we thought that it would be interesting to test with the current preview release and then repeat the test in October with the advent of the GA release.

Adam has just finished testing the Apache Labs ANAN and has previously looked at the Perseus Receiver, so the 6700 will be a nice addition to his 'collection' of SDRs.

Also present when we test the 6700 will be David Shipman VA7AM, who has followed Flex Radio for some time (the North Shore Amateur Radio Club, to which we all have an affiliation, has a Flex 3000 in the club station).  He has expressed an interest in seeing the 6700 in the flesh.

So, Sunday afternoon should be very interesting and I'm personally very curious to see how the 6700 fares against the ANAN even with its unfinished software.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I'll finally plug the microphone in the front panel and see if a QSO or two is in the offing for the first time!

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